This post comes to us from Peter Giuliano, Director of Coffee and co-owner of Counter Culture Coffee.

Every food expert I have ever known- every farmer, chef, gourmand and merchant- has the same rule: buy the best ingredients you can find, and prepare them simply to allow their natural, beautiful flavor to shine. A perfect tomato, still warm from the garden sun, is best with just a dash of salt and perhaps a wisp of basil. A great steak or piece of bluefin is best with a simple sear. And so it is with coffee.

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Peter Giuliano

Every coffee expert I’ve ever met prepares coffee at home as simply as I do: with a basic French Press or a Hand-drip filter. Here’s why:
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The elements of great coffee are basic: good tasting hot water and spectacular, freshly roasted coffee. Boiling water in a kettle- rather than entrusting this important task to an electric coffeemaker- ensures the water is hot enough, and the simple act of grinding freshly roasted coffee at home ensures maximum aroma. Make sure you’re using enough coffee- about 1 ounce of coffee for every 16 ounces of water. Once you’ve got these bases covered, you’re more than halfway there.

The French Press is the simplest brewer of them all and allows the coffee lover to enjoy all the depth and texture of coffee. Pouring freshly boiled water over freshly ground coffee, waiting four minutes, and gently plunging the screen to the bottom allows the coffee’s natural oils into the cup- it’s best for lovers of intense, deep coffees.

The Hand-drip filter cone is equally elegant, but produces a cup with more clarity and delicacy. Freshly boiled water, poured slowly over the grounds for the same four minutes, produces a bright, lively cup.

And that’s it. Measure and grind the coffee, boil the water yourself, and use a French Press or Hand Drip Cone, and you’ll be brewing the best coffee on your block. Simple.

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