Its turkey time!

This year, Heritage Turkey is the ‘It’ Bird. What’s the Big Deal? Heritage birds are leaner, more flavorful and have less breast meat than standard turkeys. Heritage Turkeys are typically humanely raised in the most natural and low stress of environments, free ranging on at least an acre of land, and fed 100% vegetarian feed in addition to clean pasture.

Interesting facts about Heritage Turkey:

• Domestic turkeys that retain characteristics no longer present in the majority of birds raised for Heritage Turkey Heritage Turkey, Whats the Big Deal?
consumption since the mid-20th century.
• Naturally mating, with a long, productive outdoor lifespan, and a slow growth rate; conceived and raised
in a manner that closely matches the natural behavior and life-cycle of wild turkeys.
• 25,000 birds raised across the more than ten different breeds; this is a tiny minority of the more than
200,000,000 industrial turkeys raised.
“Although these breeds make up far less than one percent of the 265 million turkeys produced in America
last year, many chefs consider them the best thing to eat on Thanksgiving… [Heritage turkeys] take much
longer to grow than mass-produced ones. Thus, they develop more fat and a robust flavor.” ~ Kim
Severson, the New York Times

DEAN & DELUCA is fortunate to have strong ties to the Good Shepard Ranch in Lindsborg, KS, a farm run by Frank Reese who himself is a fourth generation poultry farmer, and considered
the “God Father of American poultry”. We proudly offer a 10 and 14 pound option of the Heritage Turkey from Good Shepard Ranch, available for purchase beginning November 8.

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