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Growing up my father was my hero, my own personal Superman. He did everything; he would trim branches off an old tree, build a stonewall, fix a broken transmission, and then play basketball with us. My father is the hardest working person I know, and to this day that line is still true. I attribute my work ethic, success, and ability to dream to my father. Of all the things I have learned from my father over the years, one of them is not cooking. If anything, I might have learned what NOT to do from him. But he is a man who desires to learn all that the world has to offer. Since retiring several years ago, my father has taken a liking to cooking, and now has me on my toes in the kitchen.

Visiting home has always been a treasured time where my family and I reminisce and catch up. This usually consists of me cooking, and them talking. Over the last two years my father has learned a lot about cooking, some from what I have taught him, but mostly from cooking shows.

With summer now in full bloom, and Father’s Day right around the corner, I am reminded of all the times spent with my father. Like most memories for me, the food we ate is what drives them. Details are forgotten, but a memory tied with food never goes away.

Last summer, my father realized if he put dough, sauce, and cheese together, he could make his own pizza. Then he realized he could cook it on a hot grill and make pizza a different way, and then his obsession was born.

We spent all summer grilling pizzas, with tons of different toppings. Pesto and sun dried tomatoes, sausage and corn, filet mignon and smoked Gouda…we went crazy. But for me, these were some of the best times spent with my father. Cooking, talking, and eating great food.

So for this Father’s Day, I would like to pay homage to my father, “Grilled Pizza Cook Extraordinaire” and share with you a grilled pizza recipe.

Pepper and Goat Cheese Grilled Pizza

Sean.G.DD 6 of 8 683x1024 Father’s Day Grilled Pizza

Pizza Dough:

2 cups bread flour

1 block fresh yeast

1 tsp sugar

1/8 t kosher salt

1-cup warm water

1-t oil


Roasted Garlic Oil

20 cloves garlic

½ cup olive oil

1 T hot pepper flake

½ t oregano

1 T kosher salt

½ t freshly ground black pepper


1 red bell pepper, sliced thin

1 jalapeño, minced

2 cubenelle peppers, sliced thinly

1 orange pepper, sliced thin

1 yellow pepper, sliced thin

1 bu arugula, sliced thin

½ bu basil, chiffonade

4 oz goat cheese, crumbled

8 oz shredded mozzarella

Grilled Pizza

Sean.G.DD 7 of 8 683x1024 Father’s Day Grilled Pizza

Grilled pizzas are delicious because they have great crunch and pick up a lot of flavor from the grilling process. Don’t be intimidated making your own dough, it’s quite simple and the results are worth it.

Sean.G.DD 8 of 81 683x1024 Father’s Day Grilled Pizza

I hope you go out and start grilling pizzas, and I am happy that I could share a family memory with you. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

Happy Grilling!

Gallagher is also a freelance caterer, private chef, and graduate of The Culinary Institute of America. His grandmother was a cook and inspired him at a very young age to pursue a culinary career. Gallagher’s passion is nutrition as well as teaching others how to lead a healthy lifestyle full of not only nutritious, but also delicious food.

Contact Sean directly with any questions or comments at and visit his blog here

This writer may have been given product and/or other compensation from Dean & DeLuca for this post. All Photography provided by Tom Trocola Photography – All Rights Reserved.

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Great job Sean. You almost made ME shed a tear. And grilled pizza is delectable!

Lindsey Gallagher Blaiotta added these pithy words on Jun 09 11 at 7:27 pm

Will try this soon! Belle Chevre is the best goat cheese for pizza.

fishhawk50 added these pithy words on Jun 10 11 at 10:24 am

I was going to make pizza tonight I wouldn't have thought of goats cheese but will be much tastier

dining sets

carrie added these pithy words on Jun 13 11 at 10:12 am

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